Parish Groups

  • Children’s Liturgy of the Word

    Each Sunday, at the 12 o’clock Mass, primary children are invited to begin their celebration of the Mass in the Meeting Room behind the Altar. There, the children celebrate the Liturgy of the Word in a manner appropriate to their level of understanding. All primary children are invited, from P1 to P7. There are 12 adult leaders (working in teams of three) who each take it in turn to prepare the Children’s Liturgy. If you would like more information, or would like to offer your services, please see the parish priest
  • Altar Servers

    In St Brigid’s we are very proud of our large team of altar servers, boys and girls. You’ll find photographs of them in our photo album. We usually have about 30 servers at any one time. Once a year, around the end of August new members are invited to join. The children in Motherwell Diocese receive their first Communion in P4. No-one is allowed to join the St Brigid’s Altar Servers until after they have received their first Communion. Many of the youngsters continue to serve on the altar during their first few years at St Aidan’s High School. The children take their duties as servers very seriously, and are a credit to their parents and families.
  • Readers

    Our Ministers of the Word proclaim the Word of God at all Masses in St Brigid’s. They also announce the Prayers of the Faithful at Sunday Masses. We currently have about 20 readers for Sundays including now some of the younger members of our Parish Community, and another half dozen for weekday Masses. We are delighted to have them, but would always welcome more. Indeed, the more the merrier! Lorraine Cunningham is responsible for organising the Reader’s Rota.
  • Ministers of the Eucharist

    St Brigid’s currently has 15 Ministers of the Eucharist As well as helping to distribute Holy Communion at the Sunday Masses, our Eucharistic Ministers take Communion to the sick and housebound in their homes and in Murdostoun Castle and Morningside Care Home. This ministry is appreciated by all who are unable to be present at Sunday Mass, but who - through the services of our ministers - are united to the congregation in the Church. We currently need more volunteers to assist in the precious ministry of bringing Holy Communion to the Housebound.
  • Passkeepers

    Of all the ‘liturgical’ Parish Groups, none have a more varied function or role than that of our Passkeepers. This small team of men (and thankfully, more recently, also women) are involved in all celebrations and Services in St Brigid’s. We are always on the lookout for new recruits; anyone aged 18 or over who would like to offer their services should speak to the parish priest, or to any of the Passkeepers.
  • R.C.I.A. GROUP

    Our RCIA Group (R.C.I.A. = Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) was established in 1997 under the guidance of our Pastoral Assistant, Sr Maria Goretti. Each year the Group helps prepare adults for reception into and membership of the Church. Since our RCIA Group was first established until 2002 they have journeyed with and welcomed over 40 new members into the Church. For more information on how to become a Catholic click here.
  • S.V.D.P.

    St Brigid’s Conference of the Society of St Vincent de Paul was established in 1922. It has a long and rightly proud tradition of caring for the spiritual and material needs of all in our community. A great number of parishioners have been, at one time or another, members of the SVDP. Currently, our numbers are fewer than they have been in the past, however we hope to soon recruit more members. Traditionally SVDP (at least in St Brigid’s) was an all male institution; very happily this is no longer the case. Our SVDP Conference meets fortnightly on a Monday evening after Devotions. (8.15pm).
  • Senior Citizen's

    Thanks to the efforts a small band of helpers - and to the great financial support they enjoy on a weekly basis from those attending Mass - St Brigid’s senior citizens are regarded and treated as VIP’s in our community. Each year - at no cost to the senior citizens - the Group organises a Summer Outing, and a Christmas Dinner in the Parish Centre. Both treats are greatly appreciated - and most certainly enjoyed - by all who attend. For more information see Margaret or John Thomas, Cathie McQuade.
  • Catering Group

    For close on 20 years the parishioners of St Brigid’s have had good reason to be grateful to the ladies of St Brigid’s Catering Group. Since the mid 80’s they have given their services to all who wish to offer some hospitality to friends and relations following a funeral in St Brigid’s Church. The same Group can also be relied upon for the happier events in the parish calendar. Contact Margaret Connelly for more information.
  • Girl's Club

    For many, many years St Brigid’s was host to the 2nd Newmains Brownie Pack. This long association ended in 2001, and St Brigid’s Girl’s Club was established. The Club meets in St Brigid’s Centre every Monday evening, ably led by Mary Gilfillan and her group of helpers., Around 40 girls attend the Club each week.
  • Bar Group

    Prior to the renovation of St Brigid’s Centre in 1999, St Brigid’s was always able to rely on a team of volunteers to look after the ‘spiritual dimension’ of any celebrations in the parish hall. In 1999 St Brigid’s Centre was first granted a Public House Licence, and many of those same volunteers joined our Bar Group. We now have a Committee of half a dozen members who take it in turn to be responsible for the smooth running of the Bar, assisted by additional volunteers from the Bar Rota. All who use our facilities are very grateful to all of them for their generous contribution to the smooth running of the functions in our Centre.
  • Finance

    The Finance Committee meets regularly, and takes full responsibility for all parish accounts. At present the Finance Committe consists of Fr Kelly, Anne and Danny Muldoon, Pat Cahill
  • Stall Keepers

    St Brigid’s is very fortunate in having a dedicated team who staff our Church Stall. The Stall is opened before and after all weekend Masses. They ensure that the the Stall is kept very well stocked (in terms of quantity and range of goods as well as range of prices) with pious goods.
  • Church Keepers

    “Never in the field of human endeavour was so much owed by so many to so few.” All who visit St Brigid’s Church are greatly impressed - among other things - by its cleanliness and tidiness. Few will realise that our team of cleaners is very small in number - for our cleaners have set themselves a very high standard for our Church. They are to be greatly commended for their dedication and hard work. On behalf of all who worship in St Brigid’s, thank you! And, of course, anyone wishing to offer their services in the cleaning of the Church would be welcomed with opened arms!
  • Nearly New Shop

    St Brigid’s church, and all who live in the Newman's area, benefit from our Charity Shop which is situated in the extension to rear of Parish Centre. It is open each week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.00am till 1.00pm.