Coat of Arms

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Reverend Joseph Brannigan, Parish Priest, for and on behalf of ST BRIGID'S PARISH Newmains, Motherwell, having by petition unto the Lord Lyon King of Arms of date 17 February 1997 Shewn; THAT the said Parish was established in October 1896 to serve the Roman Catholic Community in Newmains; THAT many members of that Community were immigrant workers from Ireland who had emigrated to Scotland to work in the Ironworks and in associated coal-mining, operations established by the Coltness Iron Company: THAT the founding members of the Parish chose as

their patroness St Brigid sometimes known as "Mary of the Gael" THAT certain Ensigns Armorial are recorded in the Public Register of all Arms and Bearings in Scotland (Volume 69, folio 120) of date 25 April 1990 in name of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Motherwell; AND the Petitioner having prayed that certain Ensigns Armorial might be matriculated in name of St Brigid's Parish, The Lord Lyon King of Arms by Interlocutor of date 26 February 1997 Granted Warrant to the Lyon Clerk to matriculate in name of the Petitioner and his successors in office, For and on behalf of St Brigid's Parish the following Ensigns Armorial, Videlicet: - Per chevron flory at the upper point vert and Or, in chief a lowe of flames Proper accompanied by two St Brigid's Crosses of the second and in base a fountain. And in an Escrol below the same this Motto "VIVE UT SEMPER VIVAS"; which escutcheon Ensigned Armorial are also to be borne by the Priest of St Brigid's Parish and his successor Priests thereof upon an ensigned of an ecclesiastical hat, corded and tasselled of one tassel on either side Sable.

Matriculated the 18th day of July 1997
Extracted furth of the 6th page of the 81st
Volume of the Public Register of All Arms
In Scotland this 21st day of July 1997